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Our operas

Foto: Markus Gårder

The Sun and the Northern Star

Opéra-ballet pour Louis XIV et Charles XII


Performed 20 July–8 August 2018 in Vadsten Castle, Wedding Hall

Opéra-ballet in two acts, inspired by the tribute initiated by Nicodemus Tessin jr. to celebrate Karl XII’s victory at Narva. The performance was originally created together with a French theatre troop imported to Stockholm by the king himself.

It was a night to celebrate the Sun, king Ludvig XIV, and the Northern star, king Karl XII, with music by Anders Düben, Jean Desfontaines and Jean Baptiste Lully, main performance: the Narva ballet.

Dancers, singers and instrumentalists led by Dan Laurin, directed and choreographed by Karin Modigh. Costume design and scenography

by Anna Kjellsdotter, concert master Francesco D`Orazio.


Composers: Anders Düben, Jean Desfontaines, Jean Baptiste Lully. Librettists: Charles Louis Sevigny, Nicodemus Tessin and Molière. Translation: Ture Rangström.


Performed July 5, 6 and 8 2018 at Vadstena Old Theatre.

Riddartornet is a newly compsoed chamber opera based on E.J. Stagnelius play with the same name. It was a co-production with

Musik- och Operahögskolan at Mälardalens Högskola and Västmanlands Theatre. Singers and instrumentalists were students at Mälardalens Högskola. 

Music by: Carl Unander-Sharin

Libretto: Magnus Florin

Director: Nils Spangenberg

Artistic Director - Lena Hellström – Färnlöf
Conductor: Joachim Gustafsson

Scenography and costume design: Johan Glaumann
Costume manufacturer: Erika Dillner Engström


Amelie Flink, Rebecca HellbomFrida BergquistViktor Johansson

Samuel Sassersson, Marcus Bartoletti, Alba Gutierrez Malmbom, Karin Mobacke, Gwendolin Holmes, Lisa Mazzeo, Natalie Almkvist, Sara Bäck, Ludvig Lundin, Andreas Wagner and Simon Estemark


Rebecca Hillerud, Ida Mazaheri, Björn Stensen, Johanna Niederbacher, Belinda Allgulander, Marte Skovly, Ludvig Bramstång, 

Anders Riber Marklund, Sally Karlberg, Andreas Nyström and 
Sanna Johansson

Foto: Jonas Bilberg

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