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Scholarships instrumentalists 2024

Opera Orchestra and/or Baroque Academy


General information   

Applications for scholarships at Vadstena-Akademien for the summer of 2024 are now open.

We offer a variety of scholarships. A scholarship will give you a deeper understanding of the practical and artistic aspects of producing, studying and rehearsing concerts and opera. Applicants are expected to have documented relevant experience from studies or work within the field.

For information on how to apply, see below.  

You can write your application in Swedish or English.  

If you need more information, send us an e-mail to: 

Applications sholud be sent no later than February 18, 2024.


Baroque Academy, Barock-Akademien  

25 June – 11 July  


Period instruments a=415 Hz. 

Musical leader Johan Hansson Lindström (harpsichord and organ)  

Stefan Lindvall (leader violin I) and Torbjörn Köhl (violin II).   

Repertoire from Vadstena-Akademien´s archives:  

Early Italian, French dance music and German baroque, mostly rediscovered during the leadership of Arnold Östman, for ex by Stradella and Telemann. 

Moreover, you will take part in concerts given in Vadstena and Östergötland.  


We are looking for the following instrumentalists:  






Double bass  



Please fill out the form below and send this together with  

your CV, cover letter, 

contact information to 2 relevant references, 

and a YouTube link with a recording of you playing a Baroque sonata  

from the late 17th century – 1750 

(preferably not sonatas, partitas or suites by Bach.) 



Download application form Baroque Academy 




Orchestra at Vadstena Old Theatre (Fotografen)   

12 July – 10 August    



Modern instruments. This summer we are producing a new opera, “Fotografen” 

by composer Anna Einarsson with libretto by Magnus Florin.  

The opera will be performed at Vadstena Old Theatre (world premiere).  

Conductor Marie Rosenmir. 

You will also play in concerts in Vadstena and Östergötland.  

Further information concerning concerts will be provided later.   

We are looking for the following instrumentalists:   


​Flute (also playing Alto flute and Piccolo flute)  

Clarinet in B flat (also playing Bass Clarinet in B flat)  

Trumpet in B flat  

Trombone in C  






Double bass (5 string bass with low B string)  



Please fill out the form below and send it  

with your CV, cover letter, 2 relevant references with contact details 

 and a Youtube link with a recording of your playing to   

(Flutists should send in recordings of an orchestral excerpt for piccola and a solo piece for flute.)  


Download application form Orchestra  

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