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Catarina Sousa 

Name: Catarina Sousa

Place of birth: Porto, Portugal

Place of residence: Porto, Portugal 

Education: Masters in Harpsichord Teaching and Performance

Roles/projects/works in selections: Harpsichordist/Organist/Continuo Player with Orquestra Barroca de Mateus, Americantiga and Cappella dei Signori; Dido and Aeneas, Purcell – ESMAE Baroque Orchestra; “Setaro” – Orquestra Barroca de Mateus lead by: Ricardo Bernardes and soloists: Vivica Genaux and Borja Quiza;  


Dream role/project/work: My dream is that one day I can conduct/play with my own orchestra and make Rameau’s Indes Galantes. [Amoung other works]  


Here I find inspiration: All over! Every note, every sound, every breath, every flavor, every person… Everything and everyone is in your life for a reason! I find [baroque] music to be a way to express my deepest inner feelings and transcend the world connecting me to a higher self. 


Vadstena-Akademien to me is: An incredible and heavenly opportunity to study, make music and make new friends in a different and stimulating environment/country.

You can find more information about me at:

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