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Monica Jägerová

Name: Monika Jägerová

Place of birth: Hořovice, Czech republic

Place of residence: Prague, Czech republic



- private lessons with Pavla Zumrová (vocal technique) and Irena Troupová (historically informed interpretation of early music)

- masterclasses with Emma Kirkby, Chantal Santon Jeffery, Markéta Cukrová, Deda Christina Colonna or Lorenzo Charoy

- master's degree in Musicology at Charles University Prague

- violin at Jan Deyl conservatory Prague


Roles (among others):

G. Puccini - Il Triticco (La Zia Principessa/Zita)

G. Verdi - Falstaff (Mrs. Quickly)

B. Britten - The Little Sweep (Mrs. Baggot)

L. Janáček - Cunning Little Vixen (Rooster)

J. A. Hasse - Demofoonte (Timante) and several other roles in baroque operas


Dream role/project/work:

I don't have dreams in a sense of goals to achieve. If you don't achieve them - disillusionment is the only thing left. If you do achieve them - what next? I tend to let go of my expectations instead and accept any opportunities that life brings. Then I can experience happiness in the present. So the answer is basically any project done with excitement and passion. And I loved Varvara in Katia Kabanova and The Pilgrim in L'amour de loin :)


Here I find inspiration:

The word "inspiration" comes from the latin (in)spirare - to breathe. Inspiration can come to me truly with every breath any time and place in the world. What is music after all if not communication of all the experience we've had in our life? Everything is written in our bodies, minds and souls and along with the very present moment - that's what makes each performance unique.


Vadstena-Akademien is to me:

A great opportunity to meet new colleagues, get in touch with Telemann's great artistry under leadership of excellent musicians and hopefully learn some Swedish as well :)


You can soon find more information about me at

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